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Monday, March 22, 2010

Starbucks and Open Carry

On Wednesday, the Starbucks company will hold its' annual shareholders meeting. There will be people there leafletting to let the shareholders know that they can ask questions of the company executives regarding their refusal to post signs at their stores banning guns carried into their stores. This would be an easy thing for the company to do. So far, they have resisted, saying that they follow the laws in the states where stores are located. But the laws usually allow the posting of signs. Since they post signs to alert customers about other things not allowed in their stores, such as "no smoking" or "shirts and shoes required", why not post signs telling people openly carrying guns that they are welcome but their guns are not. Even Doonesbury got into the fray today with his cartoon. Check out the cartoon on my links.

Do we want guns whereever we go to eat, think, work on our computers, meet with friends, take our children, have a relaxing cup of coffee? I am betting that the majority do not. The Open Carry folks are pushing the envelope and causing a lot of trouble for the places where they have decided to bring their guns. Many have responded by posting signs. It's time for Starbucks to do the same.


  1. I, for one, won't be going to Starbuck's until they change their policy.

  2. I find this debate interesting.

    I cannot carry a concealed weapon in the library. I have no idea why not. No one would even know if I did, but I dont because I am a stickler for the law. Why not carry in the library?

    It is legal in my state to carry in Wal-Mart and Applebees and the gas station and the liquor store. I can carry in crowded places of public commerce. So give me a good reason, that considering the carrying of concealed weapons is already the law, this is not changing anytime soon...why shouldnt I be able to carry in the library?

    I challenge someone to find a reason that I shouldnt be able to that is unique to the library. Most of these gun free zones, the reasons given are indictments of concealed carry in general, not honest efforts to come up with common sense rules within the law.