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Sunday, March 28, 2010

An armed society is a rude and dangerous society

On last night's news, there was a story about how police in Jacksonville, Florida shot up a car. The car was occupied by a 35 year old woman and her children, aged 2 and 7. Unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A bank robber was on the run after using his gun to seize money from a Wachovia bank. The robber ran to a nearby Wendys where a woman was waiting for her order in her car. At gunpoint, the man got into the car and drove away. Police, now alerted, chased the car and started shooting- over 40 rounds- killing the gunman and seriously wounding the 2 year old in the car. What damage guns cause. The robber, who had a criminal record in 5 states, had a gun. Where did he get that gun and how since he had a criminal record? If not for a gun he could not have robbed the bank. If he hadn't had a gun, he could not have threatened to kill the innocent woman. If not for his gun, police would have been less reluctant to open fire. Police are outgunned and fear for their own lives since they have, indeed, been the targets of gunmen who hate law enforcement. Does this support the argument that an "armed society is a polite society" as is used by the NRA? I think not. Read about the shooting here.


  1. This NRA talking point, even if it were true (which I don't think it is) would be very undesirable. This would be politeness backed up by a threat: be polite or else I will deploy my gun and force you to be.

    This kind of atmosphere, where threats and violence always lie just beneath the surface, would be appropriate in the old frontier towns, not in modern, civilized society. I don't want to return to those days. I think we have progressed enough in our society to leave the means of violence at home.

  2. People rob banks with knives, sticks, bricks, notes, backpacks, toy guns and hands in pockets.

  3. Bollocks, I carry a gun every day and I am honestly more polite than I am unarmed. I know I cannot escalate the situation.

    Unarmed people can vent their spleen. Armed people have a potential felony record if they escalate and it turns to violence.

    As an aside, for a people who are afraid of folks with guns, an awful lot of people seem to mouth off to cops.